…Safe, Reliant Healthcare Training…

Do You Have a Huge Hole within Your Preparedness Plan?


Never before in the history of the United States are these skills
and knowledge more important and needed than at this moment.

Many of us ARE finding ourselves in VERY difficult
situations that WILL have devastating effects on our
health and the health of our families. 

We can no longer depend upon the current medical system to
keep our families safe and healthy! NOW, OR IN THE FUTURE!

With over 30 years in the medical and alternative fields of medicine, our  experts have developed  5 very powerful natural healing modalities They are proven  safe, effective and economical. These powerful tools are easy to learn and apply directly within the comfort and convenience of your own home. Our goal and purpose is to empower you and your family with knowledge and skills to become self reliant in your healthcare. 

Through our Wellness Survival Membership you will receive
instruction and education, in both theory and practice in the
following areas of natural healing:

The Power of Herbs
Laser LIght Therapy

Auricular Therapy 
Essential Oils & Auricular Therapy (Coming Soon)

In addition, you receive direct access to many other FREE sources
of valuable life-saving video presentations such as:

End of Antibiotics & The Rise of Super Bugs
7 Sensational Seeds
How to Create a Strong Immune System
and other forth-coming workshops.

You will receive more workshops and live online webinars
to further instruct and enhance your educational experience! 

Are you ready to elevate your knowledge and skills?
Will you prepare?
Will you take back control of your family’s health & well-being?

Our online workshops give you the ability to LEARN according to your time and schedule. All workshops are pre-recorded, entertaining, detailed-oriented and complete. You simply log in to your chosen class and begin listening. If you’re interrupted, no problem, just hit the pause button and return to your workshop when you’re ready. You will always have ample time to review your classes and download all related workshop materials and products.

All workshops are produced and presented by
Dr. Claudia Keyworth

Dr. Claudia is a Bioenergetic Doctor (BD), Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM), Master Herbalist (MH), Herbal Nutritionist (HN) Certified Biofeedback Practitioner (CBP), Certified Auricular Therapist (CAT), Spiritual Medicine Woman for the Nemenhah Band, Ordained Minister of First Nation Ministry, DSM of Sacred Medicine – Medicine Wheel Society of First Nation Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine. 

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