About Dr. Claudia

Dr. Claudia Keyworth is a natural health and wellness practitioner, author, personal health coach, mentor, renowned lecturer and public speaker. Due to her expertise on a wide-range of health topics, Dr. Claudia has been asked to appear on many radio shows across the nation. Recently she was a highlighted guest appearing on the recently world-wide DVD release “Marketing Madness are We all Insane.”  Claudia knows and deeply understands the principles of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Dr. Claudia Graduated from college with a B.S. in health, science and nutrition. She is a Doctor of Pastoral Science & Medicine from the Pastoral Medical Association. She is also a certified and licensed Bionetic and Biofeedback Practitioner (CPB) Master Herbalist (MH) Herbal Nutritionist (HN) and a Certified Auricular Therapist (CAT). She earned her degree as a Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM) and also holds a Doctor of Bioenergetic Medicine (BD) from the Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine. She also holds a Doctor of Sacred Medicine from the Medicine Wheel Society of the First Nations.

She has worked within the medical and healthcare system for over 30 years. For 16 years, she served as one of the nation’s foremost pharmaceutical representative for the world’s largest drug and biotech companies. Through her experience, she knows and deeply understands the tragedy and failure of our current healthcare system to provide true healing.

Throughout her career, Dr. Claudia has opened the eyes and ears of thousands of people who truly want to see and hear the truth about healing. Through her skills, knowledge and passion she has enabled many people to find balance and peace within their lives. She has taught, coached and mentored her clients and students to achieve healing results and success in many area of their lives. Becoming an informed healthy person is the first step. You’ll definitely become informed and healthy by subscribing to our events, news and educational programs…

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