Beginning Family Homeopathy – Online Webinar Workshop

Beginning Family Homeopathy

Save, Effective, Pure & Powerful

If you are seeking to handle acute or chronic health issues at home through inexpensive and safe methods, you have completed your first step towards independence in empowering you and your family’s health. We welcome you to discover the elegance, purity and incredible power homeopathy provides. You will never turn back to the archaic ways of the last 100 years. Please do not confuse homeopathy with herbs. They are two different but powerful healing tools.

Homeopathy does not cover up symptoms, instead, it uses the vital life force of the body to heal both body and mind. Homeopathy unearths the imbalance or illness by stimulating the body to heal itself.  It has been used with remarkable results all over the world. It is inexpensive, safe and affordable and does not interact with any other medications or supplements, and absolutely no side-effects. Homeopathics has an indefinate shelf as long as they are stored correctly.

We welcome you to our workshop on Beginning Family Homeopathy. You will discover and come to understand the basic homeopathy principles, it’s history, how they are made, and also how to use, care and handle them. You will also gather a host of other valuable information. After completing this course, you will gain the confidence and knowledge to begin adminstering this incredible healing tool to your family.

Empower yourself and family by taking the next step forward. Learn what you need to have on hand and begin treating family right now, but also in times of crisis!  The Homeopathic Workshop tuition is $117.  Purchase our Premier Membership including all our workshops for $377. 

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